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Qualitative Research Conducted for Creative Problem Solving and Market Research Firms in Atlanta

 As most individuals are keenly aware, most real world problems are ill-structured. There is no clear cut method by which a real world problem may be solved or method to scientifically validate whether a solution is correct; there are no fast formulas for success. Market research by and large must be conducted with a similar appreciation and specialization in handling such ill-structured problems. As such, conducting market research involves ill-structured problems and is qualitative in nature. Qualitative research conducted by marketing companies and marketing firms by definition, is a way of a asking and answering questions.

Creative Focus, Inc. is a market research company that emphasizes qualitative research for creative problem solving. In business it is used for a multiplicity of purposes, ranging from market research to brand development, business strategy, and product development where underlying thoughts and emotions, perceptions and experiences are taken into account. To this end, ill-structured problems are approached open-endedly with a less structured approach.

To this end, qualitative research is primarily conducted for answering a range of questions involving insight into underlying, innermost behaviors, attitudes, desires, preoccupations, cultures, value systems, and lifestyles. Answering questions about how impressions are conveyed and how things are perceived helps businesses attain competitive advantage: decision makers, answers; problem solvers, solutions; and organizations success.

Market research firms help companies figure out what a consumer likes or dislikes about a product and what guides consumers' decisions. Often times, this insight is referred to as the consumer's black box where the consumer is often unaware of the subconscious processes that influence their perceptions of a product/service. Today that is referred to as neuro-marketing involving neuro-linguistic programming, two forms of conducting market research in which Creative Focus, Inc. is highly astute and specialized.

From the outset, such questions may seem as simple as a deductive evaluation of attributes and benefits; however, such quantitative thinking rarely formulates decisions, impressions, or perceptions per se. Qualitative research is designed to provide insight to the qualitative forces at play.

Based on the nature of its complexity, uncovering qualitative insight is a difficult hurdle for businesses conducting market research. In fact, few businesses manage qualitative information well. Qualitative research is gathered and assembled through focus group moderators and facilitators, trained professionals well versed in obtaining such information. The facilitator or moderator conducts focus group discussions in which market research is attained for a variety of purposes. Focus groups are guided discussions among a target audience where a focus group moderator guides the discussion through a constructive informational discovery process.

The Purpose of Focus Groups and Designing Focus Group Questions

The core purpose of focus groups is to conduct market research by developing and designing focus group questions for guided discussions among target consumers. Designing focus group questions is first an art and then a science. Creative focus is a company that has been in the qualitative research business for many years. Designing focus group questions is a specialty that emerges from the field of consumer psychology and sociology. Creative Focus has specialists in these areas. Harry Vardis with a degree in Industrial Psychology and a minor in Psychometrics. Mr. Vardis is an expert in test construction and evaluation and he transfers that knowledge in the area of focus groups.

Designing questions for focus groups takes into consideration the objectives of the project, the consumer needs, the language consumers use and the aura the conversation should take in order to elicit the optimum information. Also, it entails through knowledge of projective techniques which allow participants to act out their thoughts and feelings when words cannot express what they want to say.

In addition to conducting focus group discussions, qualitative research is conducted in the form of dyads, triads, executive interviews, interactive sessions. Our creative facilitation work has been used in global brand building, positioning, consumer ethnography and consumer management team interaction sessions, a radical way of bringing consumers and management together through experiential strategies to explore new possibilities. Our creative facilitation work has also extended into idea generation, problem solving and vision development. Central to qualitative research is the art and science of creative problem solving, where qualitative thinking takes place. Examples of such qualitative research outcomes include brand structures, product evaluations, advertising evaluations or mnemonic devices such as Mr. Peanut, The Pillsbury Doughboy, Green Giant, and other iconic images.

Companies using marketing firms to conduct qualitative research for better serving their clients include, but are not limited to Motorola, Apple, Frito Lay, IBM, IDEO, Google, and 3M. Applications involve brand creation, mnemonic device design, innovation initiatives, problem discovery, idea generation and problem solving in general.

Coporate Event Presentations in Atlanta Show Positive Results for Creative Problem Solving, Idea Generation and Team Building

Corporate event presentations are highly interactive and serve a variety of purposes, including team building, creative problem solving and idea development in general. Creativity speakers in Atlanta are highly regarded as the best innovation speakers of all time, including infamous speakers, such as Harry Vardis with the latest event, Game Changers, in Atlanta. These award winning, Corporate event presentations, were the game changers, that set the stage for innovation in many of the top fortune 500 companies today.