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Business Innovation Center

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"Innovation is creative ideas that fit your business model and are approved by top management:"  (Harry Vardis)

"If the business model does not fit a great creative idea, change the model and change the market”  (Gary Selden)

The Center for Business Innovation and Creativity is a collaborative project between Creative Focus, Inc. and The Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University.

Its mission is to provide organizations with Facilitated Applications, Courses, Workshops, Research and Advice on how to use to its advantage what has been called the ultimate resource: the ability to create and innovate.  The Center was established in December 2006 and is offering courses to MBA and Executive MBA students and facilitated business applications to corporate clients.

The standards by which we adhere are in line with the principles of the Coles College of Business. You can be assured that you will have access to the best resources when you partner with us.

For more information, please call at…….. 404.256.7000 or 678.797.2086 or email
Harry Vardis or Gary Selden. 

What We Offer to You, Our Clients

Applications Driven Workshops Getting the most out of your people by  matching their problem solving capabilities with their preference profile

Learn and practice the tools & techniques of Creative Problem Solving applied to concretebusiness settings with real business case studies in an open enrollment or customized-in-house workshop.

 Facilitated Business Applications Labs  Let us help your group resolve practical business challenges

We facilitate business applications [P.I.S.C.E.S. and T.L.C] sessions for your group to help discover and implement solutions to business challenges using innovation methods that work. The challenges may be in marketing, product development and positioning, customer experience, organizational change, strategic planning or other areas.

Keynotes & Presentations Inspiring, fun, interactive presentations

Let us be the next speaker at an event you are hosting with a 45-90 minute presentation that motivates the participants to produce unexpected results

 Atlanta Creativity Exchange [ACE] Think of it as Club Med for your mind

We bring a full-blown creativity conference to you. ACE is a white-label conference, to be named by the sponsoring organization, with keynote speeches, concurrent workshops, and large group sessions on creativity and innovation. Through our global network we offer leading specialists to deliver high-quality sessions tailored for your employees or customers.

Emory Academy of Retired Professionals.

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