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         Creative Focus, Inc.

Who we are. . .

Creative Focus Inc. is an experienced marketing research and creativity consultancy. 

What we do. . .

We provide custom qualitative research services to companies across a broad range of categories.  Our goal is to deliver strategic guidance and innovative solutions to you, our clients.

What is our experience. . .

Our qualitative research skills combine traditional techniques with creative problem solving tools so that you walk away with solutions, not just "findings."  Our experience covers consumers, executives, attorneys, farmers and educators. 

What are our methods. . .

The methods we use include focus groups, one-on-one, diads, triads, in-depth interviews, on-line bulletin board sessions, and CMTI (Consumer Management Team Interaction) sessions.  We have conducted over 3,500 sessions since 1980.

What tools do we use. . .

In addition to traditional qualitative research tools we have developed additional techniques & tools such as PISCESsm (a strategy and concept development process), brand contact audit analysis, projective mind-mapping and conceptual matrix analysis.  Harry Vardis  [click for his bio] is a facilitator, trainer, and consultant in the field of Qualitative Research, Innovation, and Creative Thinking.