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"Hands on - multiple instructors;  themes; tools learned. Administration was on target!"  "I liked the different/variety of instructors. Loved what I learned, useful life tools, liked the way the course finished."  "All were exceptional! The best instructors I have worked with in the 3 yrs I've attended classes here!"

"Came to class skeptical, but I left refreshed & energized & full of ideas to take back to work." "Very different from ALL other MBA classes." "Ability to relate creativity to business environment."  "Faculty was knowledgeable & excited about course material."

"Interaction with different people on different tasks; different techniques and skills to be creative."  "The truly creativity of the child inside of us coming out."  "Loose format was appealing, I liked the creative group stuff."

"Awesome" "Excellent. Lots of energy." "We worked in teams. We can say our ideas."  "We had fun and we learned." "We learned to look at things at a creativity angle."