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Creative Focus, Inc.
  • Reliable: Creative Focus always delivered on its promises...always on time and within budget.
    Experienced: Ability to provide great insight based on many years of experience and variety of projects.
  • Quality of Work: Very professional, attentive to every last detail, and excellent dedicated account management / support. 
  • Output / Reports: Final reports were meaningful, providing easy / natural transition to next steps in the product / marketing process.   
  • Customized Work: All projects and project details were very tailored and customized to the need of the Customer.
  • Harry and the Creative Focus team: GREAT PEOPLE TO WORK WITH!!! Very pleasant, team-players, flexible, and easy to work with. 
 Fabio de Almeida - Major Account Manager - Global Sales - VeriSign, Inc.

Harry believes in building strong relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.  He becomes a trusted adviser to his clients which is invaluable.
Ellen - Senior Account Supervisor -  Kilgannon Adverstising

Your absolute dedication to client satisfaction, your passion for your work, and our great working relationship all come to mind!
Frank Wrenn -  Manager, Customer Insights & Analytics - Delta Air Lines

You have given us the confidence and tools to constantly look at
challenges from a unique and aggressive perspective.  Also, whether it be
qualitative or quantitative research, the findings always come back with
actionable items (and ones that work I might add) and not just the prose of
the findings.

Taking it one step further, you are always committed to a client,
regardless of when the project starts and stops. 
Brian Lenzie - Marketing Development Verizon Enhanced Communities