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PISCES (Plan, Ideate, Select, Concept, Evaluate, Start)  is a marketing application of the Creative Problem Solving model for the most efficient results you can imagine

PISCES helps you create an inventory of information geared to produce the best possible results around business initiatives such as new product development, product positioning, product line extensions or other related challenges. PISCES is a process developed and tested at The Coles College of Business, Center for Business Innovation and Creativity and based on high level ideation and innovation techniques.

PISCES helps you to:

  • Consider all variables regarding the marketing challenge

  • Clarify and launch new projects

  • Generate ideas and concepts supported by the organization

  • Facilitate cooperation among employees to push a project forward

  • Reach consensus on issues where agreement may be subjective

  • Develop possibilities that inspire new opportunities

  • Improve your bottom line

  • What is PISCES?

    It is a one or two- day very interactive and productive workshop whose aim is to provide agreed upon deliverables and a prototype concept on a marketing initiative. It is based on a creative thinking process that produces innovative results. You tell us what you want to accomplish and we will plan the session to help you reach your goal by the end of the workshop. 

    How does it work?

    The initial stage may involve qualitative research with consumers/ customers to uncover information that will be used in the workshop. It also includes management interviews with various levels of client management.

    The workshop is very interactive and is best executed with a group ranging from 10 to 15 participants. The ideation activities are planned so that all participants contribute to the maximum. In certain occasions highly involved consumers may need to be involved also. The convergence of ideas and the creation of concepts are evaluated either in the session or through qualitative research depending on the final objectives. Prior to the workshop there is a planning session designed to help customize the process to your needs.

     What will you receive?

    At the end of the session you will receive ideas around the business initiative, consensus on a solution and super-motivated participants who will support the initiative. You will also receive a report on the research findings, the recommendations and an implementation plan if that is desirable. For a copy of the article click here.