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Think-Lead-Collaborate [TLC] is your group solution-driven retreat that will set the stage for a fantastic year.

A TLC workshop is designed to help your group create a road map with a starting point and a destination around business initiatives such as a vision, a strategy, tactics, a positioning statement or other goals that require the groupís support and participation. TLC is a process developed and tested at The Coles College of Business, Center for Business Innovation and Creativity and based on high level ideation and innovation techniques.

TLC helps you find new footing to:

  • Set mutually agreed-upon vision to move ahead
  • Clarify and launch new projects
  • Generate common understanding on stated strategies and tactics
  • Facilitate cooperation among employees to push business forward
  • Reach consensus on issues where agreement may be subjective
  • Develop meaningful initiatives to expand your business
  • Improve employee/ customer relationships
  • Improve relationships among employees in a department

What is TLC?

It is a one or two- day very interactive and productive consensus building workshop whose aim is to provide agreed upon deliverables and a prototype concept on a business initiative. It is based on a creative thinking process producing innovative results. You tell us what you want to accomplish and we will plan the session to help you reach your goal by the end of the workshop.

How does TLC work?

The workshop is very interactive and is best executed with a group ranging from 10 to 30 participants. The idea producing activities are planned so that the individuals will support and rally behind the agreed upon business initiative. By the end of the assignment the participants will have ownership of the results. Prior to the workshop there is a planning session designed to help customize the process to your needs.

What will you receive from the TLC session?

At the end of the session you will receive ideas around the business initiative, consensus on a solution and super-motivated participants who will support the initiative. Additionally you will receive a prototype which serves as a constant reminder of the desired goal you set out to accomplish. Also, within 2 days you will receive a typed index listing all the ideas generated during the session so that you may have them for future use.

Where is the TLC session conducted?

The Coles College of Business at the Kennesaw State University campus has facilities available for the one- day session or on-site at your facility.