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Center for Business Innovation & Creativity

                   2007 Workshops

According to Business Week, “Creativity is the new business currency.” Don’t let stale thinking hold you or your team back.  Learn how to be Creative On Demand® with our “One Foot Out of the Box” Creativity and Innovation Workshops. Designed around proven processes developed at The Cole College of Business at Kennesaw State University, these workshops will give you instant, measurable practical results. For more information call Harry Vardis at 404 256 7000

*      “One foot out-of-the-box” Innovation Training:  With over 70% of Fortune 500 companies agreeing that innovation is  among their top priorities, and over 75% increasing their investments in innovation, can you afford to overlook this program?  Bring your company the only innovation training program from an accredited university business school.    Business Week On-Line April 26, 2006

*   Two-sided Selling:  Innovative and Creative Ways Your Sales Organization Can Create Customers For Life. Looking for new possibilities to increase your sales? This workshop will show you how to create sales relationships with your customers that will increase your sales many times.

*    Perfect Project Management. Want your team to better manage and understand projects? This workshop will show you innovative ways to partner with your internal and external clients to deliver much stronger results. Perfect for IT teams, Customer Care Teams or any one with internal or external customers.

*    Leadership: Creative and Innovative Ways to Create and Lead A Team. Have a great set of people but they always seem to lack direction? Contrary to popular belief, leaders aren’t born--they’re made! Learn about self-awareness and growth, creating better working relationships, mastering influencing skills and handling conflict resolution. A great course for up and coming leaders of teams, departments and corporations—and the people they lead.

*    Creativity for Numbers People: How to Think of, Write, Present and Sell Your Best Ideas. Numbers and quantitative presentations are only the skeleton of a winning presentation. Learn big idea thinking, extraordinary writing, and communications strategies that will make your presentations engaging and persuasive. Perfect for anyone who constantly needs new, insightful and compelling ways to tell their story.

*    Creating Powerful Brand Bios: Creative And Innovate Ways To Sell You In The New Economy. We are all brands looking for a position in a society of corporate entities. How do you position yourself for the job you really want?  This is a great workshop for placement directors, graduating seniors, and MBA students who want to make the most of their personal brand.

*   Shape Your Space: Creating An Environment That Sparks Creative Thinking. Most managers would never imagine that Architecture could reduce or increase a team's innovative thinking ability. This workshop shows you how to transform some basic architectural principles into practical applications you can take back to the office.

*    Fabulous Fundraising:  Innovative and Creative Ways To Improve Your Non-Profit’s Bottom Line.  Has your non-profit felt a negative impact from “major” disasters such as Katrina?  Tap into fresh thinking on how to match or even exceed your fundraising goals with this dynamic workshop. (Ask about adding our proprietary, multidisciplinary Expert Helpers Panel® to your session—a group of the best minds in any business hand-picked to respond to your unique fundraising challenges.)

*    Balancing Business and Pleasure: Creative and Innovative Ways to Live A Balanced Life in a 24/7 World. How can you be productive while having fun? How can you make your work your passion? How would you like to be able to live a balanced life? This is a workshop that shows you how to make your life work to your best advantage. (It is a mind-blaster for HR directors who' want to make a difference in their employees' lives.)

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